Surgical Oncology Dep.

We provide tertiary care services, being renowned in Egypt and Middle East with breast reconstruction, compartmental tongue resection, endoscopic thyroidectomy, transanal endoscopic operations & taTME, extraperitoneal paraortic & iliac node dissection and videoendoscopic inguinal lymph node dissection, pelvic exenteration , minimally invasive cancer surgery and peritonectomy with HIPEC.

OCMU provides surgical treatment of cancer patients as a part of comprehensive cancer care in the following disciplines:

Breast surgery

Biopsy of breast lesions and excision of benign breast tumours.

Mastectomy, conservative breast surgery, oncoplasty, axillary dissection, sentinel node biopsy and advanced reconstructive procedures (autologous and implant).

Resection of chest wall recurrence with reconstruction.

Head and neck oncology

Lymph node biopsy.

comprehensive treatment of oral cavity cancer including compartment resection and reconstruction with free flaps.

Maxillary & mandibular tumours resection.

Thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy and different types of block neck dissection (conventional and endoscopic).

Gastrointestinal oncology

Endoscopy unit provides biopsy & EMR of early tumours and stenting of advanced tumours.

Transanal resection of early rectal cancer using TEO platform.

Open and minimally invasive esophagectomy, gastrectomy, small intestinal resection anastomosis, stoma formation & closure, colectomies, proctectomies, Abdominoperineal resection and taTME.

Pancreatic rection (Whipple operation and distal pancreatectomy), radical cholecystectomy, splenectomy and hepatectomy.

Resection of abdominal wall tumours.

Gynaeoncology and genito-urinary oncology

Hysteroscopic and cystoscopic biopsy.

Open and laparoscopic salpingoophrectomy, hysterectomy, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, staging of ovarian cancer and vaginectomy.

Vulvectomy and inguinal lymph node dissection (open and videoendoscopic).

Radical cystectomy & reconstruction for bladder cancer (ileal conduit & ileal neobladder) and radical nephrectomy, high inguinal orchidectomy and subcapsular orchidectomy as hormonal treatment for prostate cancer.

Pelvic exenterative procedures.

Skin and soft tumours

Resection and reconstruction of skin cancers and soft tissue sarcomas.


Staff Members

Ahmed Setit (head of dept)

 Full time professors

Adel Denewar

Nazem Shams                      

Sherief Kotb


Mohammed Hegazy

Ashraf Khater

Osama Hussein

Fayez Shehatto                              

Waleed Elnhas

Sameh Roshdy

Omar Farouk

Assistant professors

Adel Fathy

Mohamed Elmetwally

Emad Hamed                                     

Basel Refky

Khaled Abdelwahab

Islam Elzahaby


Ahmed Abdallah

Osama Eldamshety

Mahmoud Abdelaziz

Mosab Shetiwy

Amir Mosad

Amr Elalfy

Amr Hosam

Amr Abouzid

Islam Hany                                                      

Moahmed Abdelkhalek

Khaled Gabllah

Mohamed Abdelghaffar

Shadi Awny

Essam Attia

Saleh Elbalka

Mohamed Hamdy

Mohamed Zohdy

Mohamed Elbadrawy

Omar Hamdy

Mohamed Ezzat

Assistant lecturer

Osam Bahyeldin                                       

Ahmed Fareed

Mansour Elmoatasem

Khaled Atallah

Mahmoud Mostafa

Mohamed Magdy

Ahmed Hassan                                               

Ahmed Atef

Khaled Bonna

Khaled Ali


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