Surgical Clinic

Oncology clinics in the center receive treatment daily from nine o'clock in the morning until one o'clock in the afternoon

Map clinics activities

Oncology center surgery clinics contain waiting rooms that have a practical room to provide services to patients of the center As soon as the patient detects his condition if he is fed

(Examination and treatment - request for medical analyzes - request for radiation - taking tissue samples - any other organisms)

The electronic registration office is also responsible for entering patients into the internal departments to prepare them for performing the surgeries and completing all the procedures required of patientsSurgery clinics contain an electronic registration office to create an electronic file for the patient on the hospital management system, and in order to obtain many settings from the e-mail offices

Surgeons take samples from patients in the minor operations attached to the outpatient clinics

These samples are as follows:

Taking a sample from liver tumors

Breast biopsy

Taking a sample from the head and neck tumors

Taking a sample from soft tissue tumors

Taking a sample from bladder tumors

Taking a sample from uterine, cervical and vaginal tumors

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Mansoura, Gehan st, Mansoura University, Oncology Center 

Tel.: 050220943 - 050220944
Fax:  050220942
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