Patient Rights


Recognizing that each patient is an individual , stand - alone and has its own needs of health care, family seeks Mansoura University Oncology Center to provide full health care needed by the patient and respond to the demands and needs of patients with respect to the service and within the limits of the potential offered by the center. The rights of the patient is the main goal of the Center seeks to achieve the fullest.

Access to care :-

 You should not deprive the patient of appropriate care on the basis of race, religion or habits , color , nationality or origin, sex , age, disability , marital status , source of income or type of treatment costs .
 All patients will receive equal medical treatment for the same diagnosis and health care needs .
 The patient has the right to claim the additional care in the event of disability , such as wheelchairs or so , so as to compensate for his disability

 The patient will be treated with due respect and full appreciation for his dignity and independent character , including privacy in treatment and personal care, especially patients with special needs .
 The patient would not be subjected to any kind of physical or psychological abuse and will not be allowed to treat the patient inappropriately by anyone .
Safety and Security :

The patient's right to expect the best possible level of safety with respect to the center environment and behavior in medical procedures .

Patients will be notified in the form of verbal full rights and responsibilities and the consequent results.
The patient will be notified of everything related to his health condition , and by a team of doctors who work at the hospital .
The patient will be notified everything about its financial obligations that can be identified in advance and may be added to it later from the services that may be the need for treatment.
The patient will be notified honestly in the case of whether the care needs exceed the potential of the center.


Should be the patient's freedom of communication to any person or accompany him or meet him privately , including family members and friends , within the limits of respect for the rights of others .
Interpreters are also provided to the patient if he could not understand the language spoken by the person based on sponsorship in the space provided for the visit.


The patient's right to be his personal privacy and should have the right to visit preference or not .
Patients have the right to be interviewed and examined individually or to choose a companion present during physical examinations on it.


You must obtain written consent from the patient before filming ( especially facial imaging ) .
Must ensure confidential handling of all patient data in the medical file by failing to discuss the data in front of others with respect to such data and anonymity when talking about any information related illness .

The patient's right to obtain a medical report.
Must obtain written authorization from the patient before giving any information on the current status of any person.

Approve or reject the treatment :-

The patient's right to make decisions regarding care of based on information obtained from the employee to provide the service includes information relating to the action to be taken and the potential risks , benefits, and additional actions that may be necessary to take the long-term consequences and risks that may result from lack of access to treatment and roads possible alternative treatment available , including the option of treatment is not available at the center .
If the patient 's mental state allows him to take these decisions, as well as the right of the patient or guardian to refuse treatment and to be notified of the medical consequences of such refusal.

Alternative in the decision:

 Patients have the right to notify the health care provider has his decision already taken care of with respect to health, which should be operational in the case of loss of the ability to make a decision.
Upon entering the patient's center , you have to have the right to appoint a replacement person is taking care of the decisions regarding health on his behalf within the limits permitted by the system, so if you do not have the ability to make a decision.

Complaints and questions:

 The patient has the right to be informed regarding the path of his complaint.
 The patient has the right to lodge complaints in the period specified according to the system status with respect to any form of care or service without being subjected to any restriction or interference , coercion or discrimination.
 As well as the patient's right to be reviewing the complaint in a timely manner and in a fair and receiving a refund of the decision reached by the center on his complaint.
 The patient has the right to ask questions and receiving answers accordingly .


 The patient must not be exposed to drug and physical limitations only if doctors believe that such action is necessary to protect the patient or for the protection of others to be told doctors in writing and under the supervision of integrated medical and sustained for a specific period of time .

Conversion or out :

 Must be converted or the patient out of the center after placing a proper plan to get out for medical reasons only.
 The patient must be informed of the reasons for the conversion and the actions taken to facilitate the conversion process.

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