Patient Duties


Providing information:

  • The patient must be mentioned to his doctor complete health history of his condition and the current unsatisfactory complaint for which it was presented to the hospital.
  • The patient must inform the doctor in charge of the changes sudden medical condition.
  • The patient must clarify whether he understands the condition, which has been explained to him by the medical service and treatment prescribed to him.

Breaking the rules:

  • The patient must follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor while in the hospital and after discharge.
  • The patient should respect deadlines In the case of his inability to meet the deadline, he tell the hospital.

Respect for and observance of the rights of others:

The patient must act to respect and observe the rights of other patients and hospital staff group and also must cooperate with the hospital regarding the noise level, smoking and the number of visitors.

Refuse treatment:

Patient bears full responsibility for his actions if he refuse treatment, or if you do not follow the doctor's instructions.

Hospital charges:

The patient must ensure meet as soon as possible financial commitments that have been identified for access to health care, and before leaving for the hospital.

Rules and laws of the hospital:

The patient must follow the rules and laws of the hospital and abide by the rules of positive behavior as this has a significant impact on the quality and safety of care provided to him.

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