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   In the name of GodtheMerciful

(Say work will seeyour workandHisProphetand the believers)

(Great truth of God)

 I am honored to cost me young generations, my colleagues and my professors, Departments of OCMU to carry the banner of this great edifice;oncology center -Mansoura University.

  • This center, which provides medical and community services for all cancer patients of Egypt from the Delta and Canal Cities ; because of its modern scientific technology in the diagnosis and treatment methodology.
  •  This edifice, which is the castle of science and education in the field of oncology and surgical oncology  for our undergraduate students and postgraduates (Masters And PhD) as well as the draft of continuing medical education for the graduates working in the Ministry of Health and health insurance hospitals, as well as the military and the police hospitals.
  •  In the area of​​ training the concology center -Mansoura University have prestige between the doctors and the Ministry o fHealth and fellowship, as well as doctors from Arab and African Countries, Eastern Europeand Asia for its distinct training  courses and scientific purposeful conferences.
  • oncology center -Mansoura University is one of themedical centers, of Mansoura University; The medical capitalof Egypt
  • .Our mission is to provide the best medical services for all cancer patiens, And our vision is to assure national and international quality and accreditation. We are all working on the heart of one man in all specialties ofpediatrics. 

Sincerity - Excellence-Quality-development- Accreditation

Are the principles of the Future stage , Our  hands out stretched to receive your suggestions and opinions.


Center Director

 Prof:\ Walled El Nahas


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Contact Us

Mansoura, Gehan st, Mansoura University, Oncology Center 

Tel.: 050220943 - 050220944
Fax:  050220942
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.