pathology Laboratory

The location of the laboratory

The pathology lab of the oncology   center is situated in the 5th floor

Lab organization (Attach 401-01&2)

The higher organization






Scientific Groups of examinations and diagnosis(Attach 504-03)

Supervision of the lab , examinations, grossing and diagnosis are performed by well qualified and trained scientific staff from the pathology department of Mansoura Faculty of Medicine.

The tests offered by the laboratory includes:

  •  Routine specimen Fixation, processing, embedding and slide sectioning
  •  Routine  hematoxylin & eosin slide staining
  •  Immunoperoxidase staining
  •  Cytology
  •  Frozen sections

Time-Dependent Specimen reception:

Some specimens are time-dependent. In order for the laboratory departments to process them correctly, specimens must be collected/received within the time constraints to be accepted by the Laboratory.

  •  Routine formaline fixed specimens (from  9am-2.30 pm ) except Thursday to 1.30)
  •  Cytology samples (from9am to 2.30pm) except Thursday to 1.30)
  •  Specimens for Frozen sections (9.5 am to 2.15 pm) except Thursday to 1pm)

Turn around time for each test

(NB ; The turn around times may be increased if further techniques or consultation are needed

  •  Small biopsies : Routine specimen fixation, processing, embedding and slide sectioning & Routine  hematoxylin & eosin slide staining (48 hours )
  •  Large specimens need longer fixation time Routine specimen fixation, processing, embedding and slide sectioning & Routine  hematoxylin & eosin slide staining (3 days )
  •  Immunoperoxidase staining ( 3 days)
  •  Cytology (24 hours except if with a cell block 48hours)
  •  Frozen sections (10-30 minutes according to the number of blocks)

Patient & specimen Data that should be included in the request form:

  •  Patient name
  •  Hospital No.
  •  Type of operation.
  •  No of specimens
  •  Specimen in fixative or not
  •  Date and hour of the operation
  •  Date and hour of issue to the lab
  • Name of requester

The laboratory’s criteria for accepting and rejecting samples.

A- improperly labeled specimens 
B- Specimen collected in inappropriate fixative

  •  (e.g., saline instead of formalin).
  •  Specimen not in contact with fixative (e.g.,specimen dried out)

C-Criteria affecting accuracy of analysis 
Broken or crushed slides or badly processed slides  sent for consultation are unacceptable in  providing accurate analysis / consultation. 
Our Policy: The pathology lab may reject requests for analysis of a specimen not meeting criteria based on issue (s) with specimen integrity or specimen identification.

  •  Alternately, specimens which are irreplaceable can still be processed with  appropriate notification/documentation

Prerequisits of fresh specimens submitted to Anatomic Pathology (Attach 504-03):

  •  Sputum, bronchial aspirate, or mucocele fluid:Specimens with high mucus content may be preserved for 12 to 24 hours, if refrigerated.Specimens without thick mucus or specimens diluted with saliva are not as well protected and may deteriorate more rapidly if not  immediately transporte.
  •  Pleural, peritoneal, or pericardial fluids: Specimens with  high protein content may be preserved for 24 to 48 hours without refrigeration.
  •  Urine or cerebrospinal fluid: Specimens with low mucus or protein content will endure only a 1 to 2 hour delay, even if refrigerated.
  •  Gastric material: Specimens with low pH must be collected on ice and be prepared within minutes of collection to prevent cellular destruction by hydrochloric acid

The laboratory has a policy for  protection of personal information .(Quality policy Attach (402/03)


The laboratory has a policy for  complaint procedure.





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