Department 5

  • The diagnosis of genetic diseases and prenuptial analysis and repeated miscarriages and genetic survey of relatives of cases, diagnosis and treatment and follow-up of the sick childrenwith cancer, anemia blood, blood thinners, marrow transplant and follow - up of patients.
  • It contains(12 beds)in Department5,(12 beds)in Genetics Unit and (6 beds) in Hematology Unit.


The main building - Fourth floor

Department staff:

Dr/Amr Aly Sarhan(Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/Mohammed Abd El Rahman Wahba Choukair (Professor of Pediatrics and head of5)

Dr/Nabil Mahmoud Abd El Razek Abdel Aal(Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Mohamed Ezz El Regal Abbas Ameen (Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/Mona Mohammed Mustafa Hafez(Professor of Pediatrics

Dr/Amany Kamal Abd El Hamid El Hawary (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Anji Adel Mohammed El Wakeel(Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Nehad Abd El Salam Mohammed Nasif (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/Rasha Hassan Hassan El Qenawy (Lect.Pediatrics)

Dr/ Tarek El Said mohamed Barakat (Lect.Pediatrics)


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